Sonntag, 7. August 2016

August 2016

Emi Bonilla Y Su Caudro: She Loves You (Ella Te Quiere) (1964)
Peter Sellers: She Loves You (Cockney) (1965)
Peter Sellers: She Loves You (Irish) (1965)
Count Basie & His Orchestra: I Wanna Be Your Man (1966)
Rafi And Asha: I Want to Hold Your Hand (1965)
Peter Sellers: She Loves You (Chinless Wonder Version) (1965)
Peter Sellers: She Loves You (Teutonic) (1965)
Mrs Yetta Bronstein: I Want to Hold Your Hand (1966)
Dionne Warwick: A Hard Day's Night(1968)
Peter Sellers: A Hard Day's Night (1965)
Mrs. Miller: A Hard Day s Night (1966)
Band Of The Irish Guards: Help (1966)
Peter Sellers: Help (1965)
Otis Redding: A hard day's night (live 1966)
The Cyrkle: I'm Happy Just to Dance With You (1967)
Eyes Of Blue: Yesterday (1968)
Arthur Mullard: Yesterday (1967)
Kitty Bruce: Yesterday (1966)
Peter Sellers + Spike Milligan: Yellow Submarine (o.J.)
Steve Marcus: Rain (1968)

Bantams: Ticket To Ride (1966)
Peter Sellers: Yes It Is (1965)
Otis Redding: Day Tripper (1967)
Jugendband Hannover: Yellow submarine (1967)
Peter Sellers: Can't Buy Me Love (1965)
Milton Berle: Yellow Submarine (1968)
Banda Plastica De Tepetlixpa Mexico: Eleanor Rigby (1969)
Lord Sitar: Eleanor Rigby (1968)
William Shatner: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (1968)
The Heptones: Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (1969)
Bill Cosby: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1968)
Das Verschmitzte Salon-Orchester: Hey Jude (o.J.)
The Copper Plated Integrated Circuit: Revolution (1969)
Das verschmitzte Salon-Orchester: Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (o.J.)
The Les Humphries Singers: Fool on the hill (1970)
The 52 Key Verbeek Fairground Organ: In My Life (1993)
Steve Marcus: Tomorrow never knows (1968)

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